Want to write for us?

(We are also looking for photographers and graphic designers alongside writers, so if you are one of those then please drop us an email at contactlivefmusic@gmail.com with examples of your work and what you want to bring to the table.)

Are you a passionate music fan who wants some deserved exposure for their work? Or do you simply just want to fuel a hobby? Either way, we’d love to integrate you into the LFM team.

LFM contributors are unpaid, and so are all of the editors. LFM does not bring in any money and at this current time only serves to create a unique and warm community rather than compromising content for a couple of quick quid.


What we can offer at LFM is a platform along with exposure for your writing. Since launching in the fall of 2016 the site has achieved over 10,000 views. Further, being a contributor for a site like LFM can only help you in future endeavors, opportunities and your professional portfolio. Alongside this you will learn lessons such as answering to editors and meeting deadlines.

We also hope to open up some opportunities in the coming year, and you yourself can use being a contributor for LFM to open up your own opportunities. “I write for a music site that has a social media following of over 20,000” can go a long way when looking to interview your favorite artists and get free gig tickets to do reviews.

We will also be printing a magazine in May so you can also have the chance to have your work published in print.

Being a contributor isn’t an experience that should bring any stress. With most of our contributors enrolled in full-time degrees you are more than welcome to contribute daily, weekly, fortnightly or just once a month. You will not be pushed and pulled and are free to enjoy the experience.


We are looking for writers to contribute news, reviews, interviews, features, listicles and also lot’s of fresh and new ideas! Examples are below!..

For an example of news click here.

For an example of interviews click here.

For examples of reviews click here and here.

For examples of features click here and here.

For an example of listicles click here.


Send us an email with an example of your writing (doesn’t have to be music related, we just want to see the quality of your writing) and let us know what sort of content you want to cover for LFM. Our email address is ContactLiveFMusic@gmail.com and we usually respond within 24 hours. While not essential, we do recommend that contributors are over the age of 18. We would also like you to provide your twitter handle in your email so we can get a sense of the type of person you are.

Good luck!


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