Welcome to LFM


First of all – welcome. Welcome to LFM. What’s LFM I hear you ask? Well, no it’s not an anti-semitic, right wing, nationalist, political group. Neither is it a radio station just called ‘L’. What it actually is, is a platform for music fans by music fans.

With LFM we’re looking to cover the alternative music scene. Whether that be indie rock or DnB or grime or hip-hop or anything for that matter – we’re on it (like sonic).Within this LFM will predominately cover (but is not limited to) live music. E.g. gigs and festivals.

LFM has been set-up by students. What is the importance of that? It means we’re going to make mistakes, it’s not going to be perfect, but we’re not looking for perfection. We’re looking for a community, we’re looking to create something that isn’t already out there. Online media is such a crowded market right now, and in particular – media in music. Everyone has their own blog, everyone believes they can be the next editor for NME, but most importantly – everyone has a voice. That’s what we want to tap into, we want to create a platform for music fans. We want to showcase your pixelated videos at gigs, we want to hear your opinions on who should be headlining next years festivals, we want to hear your stories about drinking your mates urine at festivals, we want to fuel arguments, discussions and live f*cking music.

If you’d like to join the team and contribute to LFM (which you should) then click here.


Billy – editor and founder of LFM.

P.S. follow us on twitter here. 




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