Is new Gorillaz music imminent?

Gorillaz have sent social media into meltdown with fans wildly speculating that it could mean a new album is imminent. 

18 months ago artist and Gorillaz member Jamie Hewlett sent the bands fanbase into a frenzy. With three simple words on Instagram last year Hewlett confirmed to fans that “Yes. Gorillaz returns.”. Accompanied with Stereogum suggesting that Damon Albarn was preparing new Gorillaz music to be released in 2016, we all sat patiently, wildly anticipating what we hoped would be the first Gorillaz album since late 2011.

Unfortunately, 2016 was always ambitious. Albarn himself has been working on an extensive amount of projects, including his new musical While many of us were eagerly awaiting a new album this year from Gorillaz it became apparent that this was unlikely to come to fruition.

However, just when we thought we would have to wait another year along comes a few cryptic messages from the Gorillaz social media accounts. Although this may be nothing, we could not help but speculate that it could mean that new material is imminent. Social media has gone into overdrive with fans reflecting on what this could all mean. While we, just like the rest of you, have no idea what could be happening, we will be the first to let you know when we find out. Fingers crossed!

Below are some of the mystic tweets from Gorillaz and also fans reacting to them.

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