New music from Dave Grohl?

Musician Damien Curry has uploaded a picture to Instagram with Nrivana and Foo Fighters very own Dave Grohl. More importantly, included in the caption is “Talked about our kids, his new record, producing…man..”


Is this “new record” a solo project or is it more material from the much loved Foo Fighters? Earlier in the year, Butch Vig suggested in an interview with The Daily Beast that Grohl was embarking on solo projects, which would pose as evidence to suggest that Grohl’s current projects will not include The Foo Fighters.

However, the Foo Fighters have since mocked those who had speculated that they were splitting up by releasing a video announcing that they are still very much together. So your guess is as good as ours as to whether this new record is with The Foo Fighters or not! Either way, we’re still extremely excited!


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