Everything you need to know – Eagulls

Words by Jack Williams.

The post-punk inspired outfit from Leeds started out in 2010 when they successfully negotiated the Leeds music scene… with ease.

Before officially releasing their debut single, Eagulls were smashing it in the Leeds music scene, winning plaudits and plenty of fans along the way, mostly down to their relentless style of music. This success throughout 2010 ignited their first single in 2011, Council Flat Blues.

Council Flat Blues continued on from the unforgiving sounds that propelled them to the top of the music scene in Leeds. The success of their first single saw them release a joint EP with Mazes a couple months later in the hope that both Mazes and Eagulls would get noticed.

An average Split EP with Mazes saw them release an EP of their own a year later. This EP was a huge moment in the journey of Eagulls. The five song EP was full of the same quality and flair displayed previously, but Coffin opened up the group of five to more of an audience.

Coffin wasn’t quite on the level of their early unapologetic content, but it was reminiscent of a certain 80’s group, The Cure. Nothing quite like the sounds of The Cure had been uncovered in today’s public eye, but Eagulls offered a slight adaptation.

This triumph of their EP brought a debut album ever closer. The self-titled album Eagulls eventually released in Spring 2014 with a raft of mind-blowing content.

Nerve Endings, Tough Luck and Possessed were the killer hits of this album. The vocals and the bass are what make this album, it just makes you want to smash s**t up, like most Punk bands of the 70’s/80’s.

A tough task to follow up with another piece of brilliance, they didn’t disappoint.

Ullages, released in May of this year, provided us with a different take on the Eagulls we know.  The heavy bass still remained and those Cure like vocals also, but the actual pace had died down. From Post Punk to Soft Rock, they managed to pull it off. It’s displayed brilliantly in Skipping. Skipping shows the brilliance of guitar duo Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews and bassist Tom Kelly.  The constant sound of the trio throughout gives this song it’s heart and soul of what this band is all about.

Eagulls UK tour starts next week in Hull, with York, Brighton, Bristol and Nottingham all staging shows.

Tickets are selling fast and if you miss out, Tough Luck!

Tickets can be purchased here and to download Eagulls latest EP click here.

 This article was written by Jack Williams, follow him on twitter here.






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