Review – ‘Is this what you wanted?’ The Last Shadow Puppets

Words by Laura Whitters.

Throughout their 2016 tour, which I was lucky enough to experience live, the dynamic duo of Alex Turner and Miles Kane, aka The Last Shadow Puppets graced the stage with not only their own masterpieces, but a selection of covers too. These ranged from a tribute to David Bowie, with performances of ‘Moonage Daydream’ (my personal favourite), to performances of ‘Last Night I dreamt that somebody loved me’, when the pair were joined by Johnny Marr himself. These covers quickly became crowd favourites and their rendition of ‘Is this what you wanted?’, originally performed by Leonard Cohen was certainly no exception. So much so, that it was the first cover to earn a music video and be released from their upcoming Ep, The Dream Synopsis (to be released December 9th).

Now you see, as a huge fan of The Last Shadow Puppets, I was long awaiting news of any kind regarding the band, whether it be concerning music videos, an EP, anything. So, when I arrived home on Monday 17th, I’m sure you can imagine I was delighted to find that the music video for ‘Is this what you wanted?’ was on youtube. So, I sat myself down, ready to witness the astonishing spectacle that any music video the pair have produced is bound to be, (take the Miracle Aligner music video for instance, cinematic gold for sure).

To sum it all up in four words, I was not disappointed.

Firstly, let’s talk about the song itself. Turner and Kane took a great song, originally by Leonard Cohen and made it their own. Firstly, no song from The Last Shadow Puppets would be complete without a contribution from the string section. Here, the strings act as a beautiful accompaniment to the lyrics, creating a cinematic atmosphere for us all. Kane’s guitar playing is as per usual, faultless. And over the top of these solid foundations, there is of course, Turner’s delicate voice , which all too effortlessly produces roaring vocals at the appropriate moment. Of course, the original song is dissimilar to The Last Shadow Puppets originals. But, it was made to be unique in its own write, thanks to trademark characteristics of the group, making something borrowed feel familiar.

And in a typical Kane and Turner fashion of recent times, the video is equally genius as it is baffling. From the outfits to the set, everything provides what I see as a rather accurate insight into the ‘Shadow Puppets’ minds. Bizarre at times but absolutely incredible. Before ending this article, attention must be drawn to the outfits of the pair. Many have said that Miles Kane’s outfit resembles something that Florence Welch would have hanging in her wardrobe and honestly, I would have to agree. And Alex, of course is sporting the sunglasses indoors look which, against the silhouettes of violins give us yet another iconic look of Alex Turner.

So, I think it’s safe to say this was exactly what I wanted and that the release of this single has me very excited for The Dream Synopsis Ep.


Written by Laura Whitters, you can follow Laura on twitter here and view her personal blog here.

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