Looking back at a huge year for the DMA’S

Words by Jordan Scott

It’s been a massive year for Australian rock band DMAS’s, from releasing their debut album ‘Hills End’ to selling out venues across Europe, they have certainly announced themselves as one of the most promising and most important bands around today.

When I first heard the bands single ‘Lay Down’, like most I was immediately drawn in by the voice of lead vocalist Tommy O’Dell, a powerful and melodic singer who reminded me of when I heard the likes of Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown for the first time. After listening to their debut album Hills End I knew this was a special band. Despite having songs that may not be conventional in being able to make a festival field bounce, the DMAS’s can make just as big a statement with a couple of acoustic guitars.

Hills End, which peaked at number 36 on the UK album chart, showcased the many strengths of the band. Songs such as ‘Delete’ and ‘So we Know’ show they are more than capable of taking a song from a calm acoustic beginning to a massive “arms in the air” style conclusion. The album see’s the band blend melody and distinctive guitar riffs as if they’ve been doing it for decades, and guitarists Johnny Took and Matt Mason have no problems making songs such as ‘In the Moment’ and ‘Timeless’ sound huge. However, Hills End wasn’t the band’s first release, their self-titled 5 song EP was released last year, and is well worth a listen for those just discovering the band.

Following the release of Hills End, the band hit the festival circuit this summer with performances at Reading & Leeds, T in the Park and Fuji Rock just to name a few.

Below DMA’s performing ‘Your Low’ at T in the Park 2016:


After a summer of winning over festival crowds, the band travelled to the UK to play a string of dates in October, beginning in Leeds LUU Stylus and ending in Bristol Bier Keller, the latter I suspect will be the last time anyone see’s this band play their local stein bar.

Below DMA’s Performing at Camden Electric Ballroom:

DMA’s are currently untouchable when it comes to acoustic performances, and this year the band have popped up all over performing in radio stations and even the back of Pretty Green stores:

One performance that seems to have taken the internet by storm is the bands rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ for Australian radio station Triple J in October:

DMA’s may have the pressure of being labelled as the “Australian Oasis”, but they certainly don’t seem to be feeling it, they are just enjoying their journey so far, and rightly so. 2016 has been an incredible year for the band, and an even more exciting one for the fans to see just how far they can take it in years to come.

Written by Jordan Scott, you can follow Jordan on twitter here

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