Review – Wax Colour’s EP ‘DIY’

Words by Billy Hodder.

Wax Colour’s EP ‘DIY’ comes out on Friday the 3rd of February. 

With an overcrowded plethora of boys with fringes and an acoustic guitar all aspiring to be the next Alex Turner, how do you stand out in one of the most crowded scenes in the music industry? How do you separate yourselves from the hundreds of indie bands looking for a BBC Introducing slot? How do you find your own fanbase with so much saturated indie pop and rock coming out of every crevice of your girlfriends Spotify premium?

For teenage band Wax Colour this problem was presented to them from day one. But, to their credit and hardwork a loyal and commendable fanbase has already been built and segmented for a band who’s interests on their Facebook page are listed as ‘ur nan’.

DIY is a self-confessed narrative of a messy teenage lifestyle that provides a nostalgic and relatable message for any British teen. And the title ‘DIY’ pays homage to not only the roots of indie music that was started many decades ago in living rooms up and across the country, but also a note to their experimental sound.

The EP starts with Crude which immediately displays the bands lyrical prowess, satirical lines such as “be my milkshake, be my lemonade” set the tone for the rest of the EP. The untidy and experimental riffs are layered in a style reminiscent to The Libertines – a formula guaranteed for success.

Heavy hooks descend into dreamy choruses throughout. While there is a common theme of experimental indie pop, massive songs such as SPS expose the bands versatility and show they have the potential to create a classic and mature sound if needed, which it will be further down the line in their careers.

The pace of the EP alternates throughout with slower songs such as Swim providing a narrative that any lovesick teen can identify with, “you swim through my brain when I can’t sleep at night”. 

While each song from the EP has the potential to stand-alone as independent singles, Dreamz provides a unique sound above its EP counterparts.

The vocals of the band are uncharacteristically reminiscent of Peace. With the similarity being particularly present in Runaway Baby.

DIY is messy, it’s experimental, it’s untidy – but that’s what an early EP should be. Wax Colour aren’t pretending to be anything they’re not. Too many bands launch themselves into sounds that they want to play on the MainStage at Reading and Leeds festival. DIY is simply some teenage boys having fun with their talents and it doesn’t need to be anymore than this.

On Friday you should get DIY. On Friday you need to support a band that has the potential to be something quite special if they resist the temptations to compromise their talents. If Wax Colour can resist being churned up in the viscous and ruthless mainstream industry of music and focus on themselves they will find a way. A raw talent destined to go far.


Written by Billy Hodder, you can follow Billy on twitter here



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