New music from The Garage Flowers

Words by Alicia Carpenter.

The Garage Flowers are back in bloom with their infectious new single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today’. The boys are taking the London scene by storm with their latest release; this tune promises the very best of drunken guitar pop. Catchy and candid, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today’ is the best material the boys have brought out to date.

After having become notorious as London’s pub-dwelling bad boys, The Garage Flowers are getting serious with this new one – but not too serious. The lyrics fable the mad antics they get up to on the regular; meeting at the boozer before the football kicks off, getting the beers in and having a good fucking time. I recently went to go and see them play live at The Alleycat in Soho, and I can vouch that The Garage Flowers most definitely do not go at it half-heartedly. I spent most of the set up in the air, and lets just say that I’m going to have to revisit some footage if I ever want to review it…

‘Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today’ begins with frontman Joe Capaldi’s authentically strident vocal mixed perfectly with Jonny Webber’s whimsical guitar hooks. The rhythm section really kicks the motor into gear. Greg Edwards’ drumming whacks the timbre up a notch and Oliver Shaw’s bass lines are subtle, yet they carry the song with a stark surety. The track shines brightest when the ear-worming battle cry rings out, and it is honestly very hard to refuse to “GET UP”.

After the release of their debut single ‘Miss Maggie May’, The Garage Flowers have continued to raise the bar with their live shows and social media presence. ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today’ is an addictive concoction of fun, rock’n’roll and optimism. It seems like nothing’s gonna be getting these boys down for a long time.

Written by Alicia Carpenter, you can follow Alicia on twitter here

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