Liam Gallagher is back

After cramming in what appeared to be the whole of Manchester and more in The Ritz venue last night Liam Gallagher is well and truly back. Gallagher premiered his brand new single ‘Wall Of Glass’ on MistaJam’s Radio 1 evening show which can be listened to below.

It might sound nonsensical to mention that the single is particularly reminiscent of Oasis material but the dragged out vocals and nasal heavy chorusses with added reverb are quintessentially Oasis. However, the single offers a heavy production value which was expected with Liam sharing the same infamous producer as Adele. It’s neat, it’s tight and subsequently is different to the early Oasis material that made the Gallagher brothers who they are today. It even features a very clever mention to not only The Stone Roses but also One Direction in the line “You were sold the One Direction, I believe the resurrections on”.

The layered hooks that stand under the choruses are mirrored to a style that has brought Kasabian so much success in the last 10 years. To concur; we like it, a lot. It’s big and it’s rooted in that recognized Oasis identity but offers a little more contemporary tightening that Liam’s Beady Eye material failed to. Liam went onto chat to MistaJam about getting to grips with being his own writing master alongside much more.

As mentioned previously, Gallagher sampled his new material in a very special gig at The Ritz in Manchester last night. Members of Blossoms and The Courteeners were in attendance amongst others. Liam paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the horrific Manchester attacks last week by lighting 22 candles behind him to symbolize the 22 who lost their lives. Liam repeatedly told the crowd to look after themselves and reiterated that the strength and unity of Manchester cannot be broken. The crowd went onto chant “For the 22 stand up” throughout the gig.

Liam’s setlist can be seen below and was heavily oriented towards his new music. With a string of festival shows lined up for this summer alongside a headline UK tour it would appear that Liam’s performances will be heavily orientated towards his new music.

However, Liam did still have time to belt out a few Oasis classics including this very special acapella version of Live Forever which was extremely poignant and perfect given recent events.

Liam premiered his new merchandise last night which includes items with the print ‘Who the F*ck is Liam Gallagher’ which is sure to be on the must have lists of every Oasis enthusiast.

It is never going to be predictable and straightforward with Liam Gallagher and while renditions of Don’t Look Back In Anger seem to be springing up almost more regularly than Theresa May dodging questions in recent weeks, Liam did not play it. However, the crowd remained inside the venue after the performance and performed their own delivery of the classic which can be seen below.

Liam took to twitter afterwards to thank those who came out and even had time to wish his beloved brother a Happy Birthday.

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