5 Artists You Need To Listen To Right Now

Words by Zurraq Kahn

Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty is the solo project of LA based musician Andrew Clinco’s androgynous alter-ego Deb DeMure. With a sound that takes the mind back to the synth days of the 1980s, Drab Majesty manages to keep the authentic ‘80s melody that many enthusiasts look to find in the present. Not only is Drab Majesty a musical experiment, it is also a platform for Clinco’s vast artistic expression and creativity which he portrays through live performances. DeMure as an alter-ego is an enigma, something elusive and ominous yet beautifully brash. Clinco released his latest album ‘The Demonstration’ this year containing notable tracks ‘Dot in the Sky’ and ’39 by Design’.

Alex Cameron

From Sydney, Australia, Alex Cameron went down the path that many do not walk down. While many artists like to pursue a persona that heightens their credibility and popularity, Alex Cameron followed his concept of a failed entertainer, writing songs for people who don’t get where they want to be, the lonely people and the outcasts. It’s a concept that many can get behind and he’s now found himself a cult fan base. Mac DeMarco and Unknown Mortal Orchestra being two acts that Alex Cameron has supported shows that his career is coming into fruition and receiving the recognition it deserves. His latest album ‘Forced Witness’ featuring tracks ‘Stranger’s Kiss’ and ‘Runnin’ Outta Luck’, Cameron’s library of original music keeps expanding.

All Your Sisters

A post-punk sound, All Your Sisters brand themselves as the ‘sound of the future’ when it comes to electronic and punk music. Personally, I detect many throwback elements of their sound, with similarities to Gary Numan and Joy Division, this band is going places. With two studio albums to their name, ‘Modern Failures’ and ‘Uncomfortable Skin’, All Your Sisters have produced a definitive sound that matches their identity. One to watch.

The Babe Rainbow

Another band of Australian decent, The Babe Rainbow are a flashback to the psychedelic, happy-go-lucky glory days of the 1960s. A vintage sound overall brings to attention the sheer authenticity of the image that this band creates with every single record they produce. The talent is absolutely unprecedented. Releasing their full-length, self-titled debut this year, The Babe Rainbow are a breath of fresh air in the throwback scene.

The Beaches

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, The Beaches are an all-female quartet who aim to become the future of rock ‘n’ roll in the years to come. Releasing a few singles before their full-length debut album titled ‘Late Show’ this year, The Beaches look to continue on their quest for A-List recognition in the music industry. Singles like ‘Money’, which features on ‘Late Show’ and their standalone single ‘Give It Up’ are two very notable tracks they’ve produced so far and aim to create more publicity for themselves as they embark on a huge headline tour around the United States.


Article written by Zurraq Kahn, you can follow Zurraq on twitter here


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