Review: Wolf Alice in Glasgow (11/11/17)

Words by Craig Pool.

Inside the legendary Barrowland Ballroom on Sunday night, the crowd witnessed a band at the height of their powers. Wolf Alice were in Glasgow’s east end for the second of their two gig stint, and luckily were still full of steam.

It was the job of Birmingham boppers Superfood to open the night – their funky and playful guitar tunes made sure everyone was ready to party by the time Sunflower Bean took the stage. The Brooklyn indie-rockers showcased their talents in impressive fashion with some huge vocals and intricate guitar work.

When 9:30 arrived, so did the headliners. Wolf Alice emerged and launched themselves full-tilt into the massive sound of Heavenward – chaos ensued. Yuk Foo, the first single from the latest release, Visions of a Life, gnarls and spits with punk-like aggression and served only to ramp up the tension.

Excitement levels didn’t drop once during the entire set, which is understandable due to the catalogue of exceptionally good rock and roll tunes that the band have at their disposal these days.

After some old favourites You’re a Germ and Bros, Joff Oddie layed down his guitar and moved onto the keyboard. Don’t Delete the Kisses proved to be one of the most highly anticipated songs of the night. The perfectly crafted, synth-pop, love song is gratefully received by a crowd totally under the control of lead singer Ellie Rowsell.

The night reaches fever pitch with tracks including the foot-stomping Space and Time, along with Moaning Lisa Smile, a rip-roaring anthem from the band’s second EP.

Glasgow gigs are known for their huge atmosphere and the capacity Barrowlands crowd made no mistake in living up to the expectation. It was clear the the band were having the time of their lives as well. Bassist Theo Ellis tells the fans that two nights at this iconic venue is a ‘Dream come true.’

Visions of a Life, the final track from the album of the same title, is an epic, three parter and sounds just as huge as expected. The night comes to a close with Blush and the manic sound of Giant Peach, a track that each member of the band has picked out as their favourite to play live. That definitely showed as the intensity remained just as high until the very last chords.

It’s clear to see, as the venue begins to empty, that Wolf Alice are a band on top of their game. Narrowly missing out on a number one album with Visions of a Life, and now embarking on a huge sold out UK tour, they’re growing and developing rapidly. The London rockers are not the new kids on the block anymore, they are one of the biggest bands out there.

Review written by Craig Pool, you can follow Craig on twitter here.

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