The LFM list of 2018

The LFM list is a prestigious accumulation of talents nominated to excel and explode into the music industry in the following twelve months.

Last year’s list can be seen here and featured the likes of Rex Orange County of whom went on to feature on Tyler, the Creator’s album in 2017 as-well as earning a place on the BBC’s iconic sound of the year longlist twelve months after our nomination. Further, the likes of Declan McKenna featured on the 2017 LFM list. McKenna went on to release a charted album in the following year, amassed millions of streams online and even appeared in the LFM albums of the year list exactly one year later. What we’re trying to say is – we know how to pick them!

Below are the nominations of talents we believe deserve to have a breakthrough year in 2018. All nominations have been handpicked by LFM writers for no other reason than because we really, really like their sound.

Amindi K. Fro$t

Nominated by Billy Hodder.

Amindi K. Fro$t boasts one of our favourite tunes from 2017 in the form of Pine and Ginger. Her Jamaican and American heritage formulates a perfect blend in her sound. A rapper, singer, producer, lyricist and Wes Anderson enthusiast makes her one of the coolest talents on our radar right now. Her R&B sound is a perfect base for her to display her multitude of talents and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in stall. And, “the dollar sign is there [solely] for the culture.”

Ten Tonnes

Nominated by Craig Pool.

Following his 2016 debut EP, Lucy, Ethan Barnett aka Ten Tonnes has went from strength to strength and grown into a very highly promising artist with an ability to write catchy and passionate tunes. 2017 has seen Barnett sign for Warner music and release his second EP Born To Lose, produced by Hugo White of Maccabees fame. He also found time to work with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and release the single Cracks Between, another indie bopper. All the signs are pointing towards 2018 being a huge year for Ten Tonnes. One which will hopefully bring an album and propel the Hertfordshire singer/songwriter to the big stage.

Peach Club

Nominated by Tony Allen.

Norwich Riot Grrrls Peach Club are already building up a dedicated following at home and in London thanks to their uncompromising lyrics and spirited live shows. Peach Club are talking about their age and gender. More and more people are listening. With a well-received EP and half a dozen singles already under their belts, this year could be the one where the band really explodes.


Nominated by Zurraq Kahn.

A pop-indie band consisting of eight members, yes, eight, Superorganism remained a mystery for some time, as the media had no idea who the members were and how they came together. Emailing tracks overseas to one another, two creatives who were part of a larger creative community came together and before they knew it, the hit song ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’ came around and shot Superorganism into the spotlight. With a few singles released this year, next year could be the breakthrough year for this unique band that boasts sounds for lazy slackers and bored teenagers, a sound that’s gone amiss in the last decade of music.

Easy Life

Nominated by Dominic Penna.

A band who have been climbing local line ups for a while, 2018 looks set to be a huge year for eclectic five piece Easy Life. The band make soulful and memorable tunes which take funk, hip-hop and indie influences on board, and debut single Pockets, one of the best releases of 2017, raced to 100,000 streams in just a few weeks after they signed to Chess Club Records. There is no other band quite like Easy Life, and it’s safe to say they’ll be packing out festival tents and mid-sized venues by summer, if not before.

The Magic Gang

Nominated by Laura Whitters.

The Magic Gang already hold a great collection of work to their name, including singles and Ep work, each release more and more impressive. With soothing music greatly resembling slightly 80s influenced Indie pop, the band have gained a huge following with what I guess could be described as their own bit of magic. With an album set to be released next year having been announced by the band themselves, and a huge UK tour, this band are certainly on the rise and should definitely be on your radar.

Alex Lipinski

Nominated by Jordan Scott.

Comparisons have already been drawn to John Lennon and Roy Orbison for the immensely talented Lipinski and 2018 holds a significant twelve months for the singer/songwriter who has already established critical acclaim.

The Gallerys

Nominated by Tony Allen.

Their list of influences from the ‘60s to the present day might be longer than The Gallerys’ discography to date, but in their two EPs so far the Kent trio have shown considerable promise. Their releases so far have hints of a myriad of artists from The Jam to The Sherlocks. They’ll be worth keeping an eye on as they look to establish a sound of their own in the new year.


Nominated by Craig Pool.

South London post-punk rockers, Shame have caught the eye, and ear, of so many over the last year. Partly through their politically opinionated lyrics but more through their foot-stomping indie bangers. Since releasing Gold Hole and The Lick in 2016 the band have toured the UK and made a name for themselves in the process. The band announced their debut album, Songs Of Praise, was to be released in January 2018 which will most definitely set the boys up for a another eventful year. Keep your ears peeled and prepare yourselves for more angst filled, punk rock from Shame.


Nominated by Zurraq Kahn.

Relaxed, R&B beats and easy lyrics make Swell an act to keep an eye on in 2018. Hit singles like ‘I’m Sorry’ have granted Swell an audience which could catapult into a fully-fledged following in the upcoming year. Information on this group has been hard to come by and it all remains a mystery as of yet, with the only description for the group being; ‘All characters appearing in this work are fictitious’.

Soft Crystals

Nominated by Tony Allen.

New single What’s In the Mirror follows up The Missing Suburb as the second cut from Soft Crystals’ upcoming album, and is their best release to date. The Berlin-based lads blend mellow vocals with sprightly guitar and bass hooks, channelling recent Teenage Fanclub in places.

Oddity Road

Nominated by Dominic Penna.

There’s something in the water in Sheffield when it comes to four piece guitar bands, and Oddity Road are the latest exciting prospect out of the 0114 postcode. With a more mature but also catchy sound than most of their contemporaries, Oddity had 4,000 people moshing at Y Not Festival in July, and recently completed a UK headline tour. Massive plans for 2018 shows are already in place, with their tracks ‘Elope’ and ‘Handshake’ providing perfect proof as to why.

Jordan Allen

Nominated by Tony Allen.

The Bolton quartet will look to make waves after the success of latest single R.O.S.I.E., a certified banger whichever way you look at it. It follows the growling Helter Skelter and the poignant 110 Ways to Make Things Better, a demonstration of the band’s deeper substance.

Sunflower Bean

Nominated by Zurraq Kahn.

I had the pleasure of seeing this band support Wolf Alice during the summer and they completely took my breath away. The outfits, the music, the overall style of the whole band took me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Hailing from New York, Sunflower Bean’s sound is a smash ‘n’ grab, hard hitting, ‘put your foot down’ sound which should be more recognised in my opinion. With a single being released this year, I’m predicting another album next year (only one previously), which no doubt will bring more attention to Sunflower Bean.

Tranqua Lite

Nominated by Tony Allen.

The Leeds four-piece have shown potential this year with their psychedelic debut single Tempered Tides and a number of successful local gigs. If they carry on experimenting with Tempered Tides’ retro guitar effects, crisp bass lines, cosy vocal harmonies and drum patterns that actually do something interesting rather than just plodding along, 2018 could be very kind to Tranqua Lite indeed.


Nominated by Billy Hodder.

Vibbar are a UK collective more than ready to explode onto the British music scene. Dreamy R&B beats combined with hip-hop production values are complimented by notoriously British lyricists channeling flows that have grown from the UK grime movement in the past ten years. The collective recently appeared on BBC 1xtra and channeled the energy that any ordinary group of mates would receive from appearing on such a huge platform. However, this group of mates are insanely talented and having already worked with the likes of JME they will soon be getting used to the limelight on a regular full-time basis.

Chloe Marriott

Nominated by Tony Allen.

Canvey Island Mod Chloe recently released her debut single Lines. Having been plugging away for a few years now with several promising support and festival slots plus radio sessions, could 2018 be the year that the distinctively-voiced Marriott breaks through?


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