The Rhythm Method’s new single is another appropriately timed catch

The lads have done it again. The duo’s new single that premiered on Hugh Stephens Wednesday night show on Radio 1 is another friendly reminder that they are very much an under-appreciated pop narrative for today’s generation.

Lyrics that are evocative of Jarvis Cocker and a tone and format that is reminiscent of The Streets is allowing Joey and Rowan from South London to generate a loyal and ever-expanding fan base.

Their new single Home Sweet Home not only has a melody that you will find yourself humming in the kitchen while making your cheese on toast, but also a nostalgic feel that everyone can relate to. It is also fittingly released in the same week that it has been announced that London nightclub Fabric will close.

Have a listen to the single below and make sure to follow the lads on twitter by clicking here.

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