How you can still get tickets for Glastonbury 2017

Words by Billy Hodder.

Are you helplessly contemplating another year spent in your living room watching Glastonbury on the television while all your friends post selfies next to the ‘Glastonbury’ sign on the hill of Worthy Farm? Did you forget to wake up at 9am on the Sunday that tickets went on sale? Or were you one of the thousands of unlucky individuals who spent their morning refreshing and refreshing and refreshing only to be met with “Glastonbury 2017 has now sold out, sorry for any disappointment.”?

While you may pity in your feeble existence, all hope is not lost. Do not fear because the lads and lasses at LFM have rounded up an all-inclusive complimentary buffet-style list of how you can still attend the festival.

In essence you have two options: the resale or working there.

The Resale 

For some benign and unknown reason every year a few thousand individuals pay their deposit for their Glastonbury ticket and then suddenly decide they don’t want to go. These people are stupid, they’re naive, they’re useless and they’re the sort of people who buy a pint in Wetherspoons and don’t even bother to finish it. But, they’re a blessing. They’re your blessing. Your shinning knight in armor. Without these redundant individuals we would have no resale.

The resale usually takes place at the end of April and anyone can use it to gain tickets as long as you are registered (which you can do here if you haven’t already). The official resale date will be released nearer the time (make sure you follow us on twitter here so we can let you know). But for further information click here.


You’ve always fancied yourself as a great bugger flipper, haven’t you? A couple of hours deep-frying chips for a free festival ticket? Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

Oxfam and Festaff both offer great opportunities where you can get a free ticket for a little bit of work and in some cases you can even get paid. For opportunities with Oxfam click here. For opportunities with Festaff click here.

There are far more opportunities along with these two. For a full list of opportunities click here.

The Wildcard

We are not encouraging this. Nor would we condone it. But, every year people do sneak into the festival. Whether that be paying someone £50 to jump into the back of a vendor’s van or climbing a fence it does happen. If you are thinking about this then just be careful. We don’t want any of you ending up in prison or being shipped away to have your body sold in the middle-east after jumping into the back of your mates’ Dad’s cousin’s dog walker’s son’s mate’s van. Just be careful kids.


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