6 new and emerging artists you NEED to listen to

Maisie Amos provides her weekly look into the artists of tomorrow. 

I’m constantly on the lookout for new emerging artists that are under the radar, the best thing about discovering new-fangled artists is that you can watch their growth and see what they become. Here are a few artists that are ready to make their breakthrough to the cosmos of music.

1) Hinds


All girl Spanish four piece band Hinds are shaking up the garage rock scene. Their upbeat and jangly sound alongside fuzzy surf riffs and dazed vocals add to the originality of this cracker of a band. Their hotly anticipated album “Leave Me Alone” (2015) has proven to be quite a success, sending them along a summer full of festivals, including Glastonbury and there they gained a reputation for high energy shows. Their soft melodies with a seemingly laid back rock tone mirror nineties scenes. Their debut is only a slither of what these madrileñas will offer to the indie music scene

2) DMA’s


Native Australian DMA’s emerged early 2016 with their debut “Hills End”. The indie trio have developed a sound that parallels early-90s Manchurian indie rock, with likenesses to Primal Scream and Happy Mondays. Most famously known for their single ‘Delete’ which climbed the charts and gained them not only growing praise from the press and musical peers but a growing fan base, key to success of any band. Big things are awaiting these aussies.

3) Beach Baby


I’m unsure as how to I came across this band, but they have some serious potential. Beach Baby is a four piece which merge melodic indie rock with post punk. The released a debut single back in 2013 ‘Lady Bird’ and caught the attention of many and was even licensed for the Netflix Series ‘Flaked’. From then they signed to Island Records and issued their album ‘No Mind, No Money’ in September 2016, a band definitely destined for festivals 2017

4) Fat White Family


Although formed back in 2011 and debut released in 2013, I feel Fat White Family are finally gaining the credit they have long deserved. South London based Fat White Family fuse a scuzzy mix of country, rock’n’roll, post-punk and nihilistic psychedelia, reminding me of the likes of The Fall and Charles Manson and the band have garnered public and critical adulation for sure. After issuing their debut ‘Champagne Holocaust’ in 2013, lead singer Saudi suffered from a string of serious illnesses, hindering the band from great success. However this indirectly led to a more incensed second effort in which created ‘Songs for our Mothers’ which was released early 2016, now I feel the band are surfacing on the indie scene and they are ever more growing in popularity.

5) The Wytches


Gaining the support slot of Jamie T’s current ‘Trick Tour’ could be the beginning of something ace for The Wytches. The UK born trio have almost created a grimy and dire twist on psychedelia, under the influence of The Monks and The Velvet Underground. Dropping singles in early 2013 appeared to be a loose success for the band in terms of fan base but in 2014 they gained a record deal with Heavenly Records in which they produced their first album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ later that year and even reached number 50 in the UK album charts. Earlier this year they released ‘All your happy life’, now gaining confidence the band are ready to make their mark on British Music.

6) The Cradles


Welsh rockers The Cradles are bursting into the music scene with an effortlessly cool and retro sound. They bring with them an undertone of grunge alongside a psych surf sound. They released their track ‘ideal girl’ into the world a few months back and they seemed to have mustered quite a buzz, particularly in their native Wales. These are defiantly a band to keep an eye on for sure!

Words by Maisie Amos, follow her on twitter here

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