Why we all should be excited about the return of Liam Gallagher

Words by Jordan Scott.

Liam Gallagher recently announced he will be embarking on a solo career next year, having recorded around 10 new songs for his soon to be released debut album.

Liam’s been pretty quiet since he called time on Beady Eye back in 2013, leaving fans speculating about his next move. In recent interviews for the Oasis film ‘Supersonic’, he revealed he was working on his solo record with “gritted teeth”, as he’s always shunned the idea of being a solo artist. Now times have changed, and Liam’s busy getting his new music together which he hopes to release next summer. It’s now been rumoured that Liam will step back out on the stage for the first time as a solo artist at a charity gig next March for the Youth Music charity alongside Tom Odell & Jess Glynne. True or not, we’ll still hear new music and should expect to see Liam tour at some point next year, and I’ve had a look at why we should be desperate for his return:

He’s an underrated songwriter

Being in a band with a songwriter as prolific as Noel, it’s easy for Liam’s efforts down the years to get overlooked. However, some of Oasis’s finest post millennial moments came from the mind of Liam, most famously ‘Songbird’. He explains he wrote the song whilst sat under a tree in France and “had a bit of a biblical moment” and pieced together the two-chord mini masterpiece that proved to be a highlight of 2002’s ‘Heathen Chemistry’. Liam also wrote a few songs on ‘Don’t believe the truth’, his stand out track being ‘Love Like a Bomb’ a surprisingly upbeat song from Liam, with a brilliant melody and lyrics. This was pushed aside by some of the monsters that came from that album, such as ‘Lyla’ and ‘The Importance of Being Idle’, both written by Noel. One of Liam’s finest moments came on 2009’s ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ with ‘I’m Outta Time’ which Liam had been working on for years. The songs often said to be a tribute to John Lennon, and the lyrics stand out as some of the finest Liam had written in his Oasis years and is undeniably the best song on that album. If Liam can find this kind of song writing form on his new album, then we’ll be in for some very good music.

Liam Performing ‘Songbird’ in 2003:


He’s one of the best frontmen going

Its undeniable that Liam Gallagher stands alone when it comes to the best frontmen of the past 20 years. Liam has always had all the attributes you need to be the biggest Rockstar on the planet. He has the voice, attitude, stage presence and the walk. It takes something special to nonchalantly stroll out onto the stage at Wembley giving two fingers to the crowd before declaring the stadium you’re playing in is a “sh*thole”. Even to this day Liam hasn’t lost an ounce of the charisma and spirit that has proved to be unattainable by todays artists.

Liam performing ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ with Oasis at Earls Court in 1995:

His superb oneliners 

Once the album’s release date gets announced, the interviews will begin. Liam’s never been afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind in interviews, whether it be calling the royal family “ugly”, calling George Harrison a “nipple”, or the fact he’d like to “hang” Robbie Williams. What will make next year even more interesting is the fact Noel will be promoting the new ‘High Flying Birds’ album, which will inevitably be compared to Liam’s album, and I highly doubt the Gallagher brothers will be dishing out many compliments to one and other.

Liam interviewed at Pinkpop festival 2000:


Although not much has been revealed about Liam’s return thus far, ‘Supersonic’ Director Mat Whitecross told NME recently that Liam turned to him during helicopter journey to London for the Supersonic premier and said “Shall we listen to the new album then?” and Whitecross described it as “epic”. If all goes to plan, this could make for an incredible album and huge tour. I’m hoping to see Liam start touring fully at the back end of 2017, and I have no doubt he will command audiences with the same snarl and power that he always has done. Liam took to Twitter to say: “Be afraid you so called troubadours and you plastic rock n rollers, give your paper crown one last cuddle, I’m on my way!”.

Written by Jordan Scott, you can follow Jordan on twitter here

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