Girls Against – the movement fighting sexual harassment gigs

Words by Laura Whitters


Allow me to introduce you to the empowering movement that’s making waves in the live music industry, Girls Against. The idea was coined by four feminist friends (say that ten times over without getting tongue tied), Anna, Anni, Bea and Hann. These four have begun a small revolution against sexual harassment and assault at gigs. In fact, this revolution isn’t so small anymore.

Since being established, Girls Against has grown and grown. The campaign was started in hope of not just fighting and preventing sexual assault at gigs, but also helping those who have unfortunately been a victim already. They do their best to raise awareness of the worrying issue, whether this be through social networking or contacting venues. The girls even discuss current prevention strategies with venue security and offer any advice on how they can be more supportive of their gig attendees. Representatives can also be found at a variety of gigs, putting up posters and handing out stickers. Girls Against encourages people to go and have a chat with them if you spot them at your gig, whether you need their help or you just want to know a bit more about them. By taking action like this, these girls are creating a safe and comfortable environment for gig-goers,meaning the experience of seeing your favourite band is nothing but wonderful. As it should be.

The idea has not only gained a mass online following of over 15,000 music fans, but they’ve also caught the attention of several musicians. They’ve gained support from artists such as July Talk, Ratboy and probably the most impressive, The 1975. In fact, a video of the lads showing their support can be found here:

Girls Against is a campaign of the upmost importance which I’m sure we will hear a lot about in the future. So, join the constantly increasing list of musicians and support Girls Against and help make a difference.

Written by Laura Whitters, you can follow Laura on twitter here

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