The Lemon Twigs – Everything you need to know

Words by Ben Bowman.

A set of teenage brothers from America have been drawing critical acclaim for their debut album, but it’s not the 1950s and it’s not The Beach Boys. Growing up in New York, seventeen year old Michael D’Addario and nineteen year old Brian D’Addario have made an album, not too dissimilar in its production to something like The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds or The Beatles in Abbey Road per say due to its attention to detail and sense of fine craftsmanship, but its fusion with psychedelia gives the album a lease of life with enticing riffs and synth sounds. It’s like Tame Impala mixed with an immense musical production for a theatre show. It’s The Lemon Twigs.

The album Do Hollywood was released on the 14th October and has been well received, especially in the UK. It was named in the NME’s top 50 albums of the year, one of the less controversial inclusions given that there were some notable exclusions and Twitter meltdown over the number one slot being given to The 1975. Their musical knowledge is admirable and you could imagine their record collection to be frighteningly vast which is evident in their music. However, the album doesn’t feel like some form of copy and paste clichéd tribute to their personal library and rock ‘n’ roll heroes, The Lemon Twigs are excellent songwriters and have their own style. Although the album is produced so carefully, it almost feels like they didn’t make it to impress anyone as you still get the ‘garage band’ type feel as the tape and background chatter can be heard.

It is rare for a debut album in this style of production to have such a sing-along feel, the tracks are catchy and although the attention is focused mainly on experimental guitar sound and executing the perfect harmony, the album is one that will make you remember where you were the first time that you listened to it.

This isn’t an album review, this is a nod to the genius work of the D’Addario brothers and why you should listen to them. But given the fact they only have one album it is somewhat hard not to point and pick apart the record. It is brave to make a record this bold and with only one prior release, the album acts as a lasting first impression. Standout tracks include ‘Baby, Baby’ and ‘I Wanna Prove to You’ but don’t leave it at that. Do Hollywood is a must listen.

With the glam-pop meets punk-rock image of Ziggy Stardust and the shimmering ability of production akin to The Doors, The Lemon Twigs are the band you need in your life right now. They only have a few remaining UK tour dates left before heading back to America, but they will be back in the spring for one date in London.

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Written by Ben Bowman, you can follow him on twitter here

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