10 of the best Indie covers

Words by Laura Whitters

There’s always been people who will adamantly claim that no cover of a song is as good as the original. Honestly, I’ve been the same in some cases. But really, there are some covers out there that you simply must applaud for their brilliant and unique takes on fan favourites. So, I’ve compiled a little list of my favourite covers by Indie and Alternative artists and trust me, it was hard to get it down to just 10, but without further or do here they are! 

10) Jake Bugg- Radioactive, Imagine Dragons

Bugg’s distinctive voice can make any song sound like one of his own, as is evident in this live lounge.


9) The 1975- So good to me, Chris Malinchak


8)The Kooks- Here for you, Gordon City

The Kooks can cover anything and have it turn out brilliantly. What else would you expect? It’s The Kooks.


7)Two Door Cinema Club- Treasure, Bruno Mars


6) Catfish and the bottlemen- Black Skinhead, Kanye West

Catfish took on a Kanye hit and somehow pulled it off. With Van producing brilliant rock vocals and the addition of guitar pieces from The Black Keys’ ‘Howlin’ for you’, this cover certainly worked.

5) Arctic Monkeys- Love Machine, Girls Aloud

Yes, it sounds bizarre. Yes, you’d never put the two together. But once you’ve listened, you won’t look back.

4)Blossoms- You’re Gorgeous/Half the world away, Babybird/Oasis

At the end of My favourite room, Ogden is known to lead the crowd in a singalong to these two classics.

3) DMAs- Believe, Cher

Just incredible really.

2) Arctic Monkeys- Feels like we only go backwards, Tame Impala

Alex Turner took a track by the psychedelic Tame Impala and turned it into a beautiful acoustic cover of the best quality.

1)The Last Shadow Puppets- Moonage Daydream, David Bowie

Bowies’s original is without a doubt, a masterpiece. So, anyone who even attempts to cover it has got their work cut out. But The Last Shadow Puppets aren’t just anyone. In typical Turner and Kane fashion, their cover was faultless. A wonderful tribute and a performance Bowie would be proud of.


Written by Laura Whitters, you can follow Laura on twitter here.

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