Liam Gallagher taunts his brother for working with Damon Albarn and continues to promote his upcoming solo album

Words by Alice McGregor.

2017 brought with it a wave of new music anticipation, one more so than others: the release of Liam Gallagher’s forthcoming solo album.

A string of festival dates featuring the Britpop legend, including August’s Reading and Leed’s festival, have been released. However, it was the sibling rivalry which in some cases overshadowed the musical reputation of Oasis, and 2017 have seen the re-emergence of this tabloid sensation.

With Noel Gallagher appearing in the latest album release by The Gorillaz, ‘Humanz’, in the single ‘We got the Power’, it has prompted a string of inflammatory twitter commentary by his younger brother.

Most recently, Noel appeared alongside Damon Albarn and the interchanging support band of the Gorillaz on the Graham Norton Show. Criticism that came about focused upon the idea that Noel has become a ‘sellout’, sweeping the rivalry with Albarn under the carpet. Although, in the light Liam’s most recent volatile tweets, it can be questioned as to whether this latest appearance, is the next step in a game of who can out do the other. Of course Noel would know that this step would antagonise his sibling to no ends, especially following the previous comments. ‘We Got the Power’ is arguably one of the weaker songs on the new album. Perhaps it was performed to show both Albarn and Gallagher on the same stage?

These digs, will no doubt create a new found publicity for both Gallaghers, Liam releasing his solo album, and the new High Flying Birds record Noel said to be released around November on his recent Radio X interview. Do both brothers know that their actions will result in leverage and advertisement for their individual projects?

In a game of outdoing, who will come out on top? With promises of a revival of songs from Be Here Now by Liam, it promises to be an eventful year.

Written by Alice McGregor, you can follow Alice on twitter here

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