TRNSMT as captured by the fans

Words by Innes Reid.

TRNSMT aimed to please the masses and that is one of the many things it most certainly achieved. The festival created some amazing memories between friends, family and strangers throughout the 3 days it ran for. Here is a collection of some of our favourite tweets from the weekend from you guys.

I don’t think anyone can compete with ‘The View’ frontman’s daring outfit choice “Kyle Falconer in Yellow dungarees”

If you were trying to meet up with your friends at any point over the weekend, you may as well of given up before you even attempted “Better chance of contacting the dead” 

While everyone was having fun at the festival, some of us liked to show our appreciation for the people making sure everything ran smoothly “Can a clap the dog”

“fave act at TRNSMT”

Fan favourites Kasabian clearly made an impact on many people during their headline slot “When Kasabian came on”

“In middle of Kasabian mosh pit and…”

In the days leading up to the festival kicking off, rumours flew around Twitter that Sheffield boys the Arctic Monkey would make a surprise appearance after Kasabian’s set. This sadly did not become reality, much to the disappointment of fans. But the Scottish know how to make light of disappointment. “Arctic Monkeys were heavy class”

“Turned TRNSMT upside down for me”

The Ayrshire boys clearly have connections in one form or another “Biffy Clyro stopping rain…”

Although the new festival was a complete success, some folk were still missing the thing close to their hearts “Read the worst sentence”

“Feel like shite want her back”

A magical end to Biffy’s set.

Last but not least there was an iconic dance off.

Article written by Innes Reid, you can follow Innes on twitter here

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