The DMA’s in Newcastle

Words by Alice McGregor.

Its safe to say that the DMA’s know how to put on a show, and a Newcastle crowd knows how to receive one.

The atmosphere at Riverside on the Newcastle Quayside was fairly electric even prior to the Australian threesome stepping on stage. The only sold out show on the most recent UK tour; its no surprise that when these Aussies stepped on stage it was a free for all down in the crowd.

The atmosphere of the crowd reflected in the energy that the band possessed. Tommy, Johnny and Matt were more than often stood at the precipice of the stage engaging in every piece of crowd interaction.

The setlist kicked off with Play it Out, one of the six singles released by the band since 2014. The Geordie crowd gained even more energy when Feels Like 37 followed; a single which was released on the band’s debut EP, yet was missing on Hills End; the debut album.

What followed was an electric set in which the band and the crowd reciprocated and channelled each others energy throughout.

The encore appeared to be promising and most definitely was. The three walked on stage without their backing band to perform Step up the Morphine, which proved to be brimming with emotion, and the solum crowd began to reflect this. Yet the energy levels came straight back up with an ending of the first single Delete followed by Lay Down.

The DMAs are one of those bands that know how to put on a show, and they certainly proved that they could. If you get the chance these Australians are not one to miss. Thank you from Newcastle guys!

SETLIST, Newcastle 4/8/17:

Play it Out

Feels Like

Too Soon



In the Moment

Step up the Morphine


Lay Down

Review written by Alice McGregor, you can follow Alice on twitter here

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