In Pictures: The Menzingers at SWX in Bristol

Words and photography by Jake Haseldine

With the Menzingers show at SWX being sold out, the 3 piece Philadelphian band, Cayetana got a warm reception when entering the stage. The 3 piece from start to finish produced riffs and punchy lyrics and got the place moving, and by what it seems a new hit in Bristol.

Up next were the raucous Canadian punk rock slayers, PUP. With a hell of a lot of confidence PUP sauntered onto stage and took the roof off SWX, proving their power and status of a band that are making waves through the rock scene.

Swipe through the images below to see PUP in action.

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Finally, it was time for The Menzingers to grace the SWX stage, kicking their set off with heavy hitting track ‘Tellin’ Lies’ opened up their set with a bang, the whole crowd bouncing and pointing fingers, just what you want from punk rock show. Throughout the set Greg Barnett kept vouching his love for Bristol and how fine it is of a city, which got the crowd buzzing and just kept ramping up the energy in the room.

Just before the bands encore they played ‘Lookers’, one of their most known off the album, once the first guitar strum kicked in the crowd reacted and sang it straight back at Barnett, such a great close before their encore. After letting the crowd gain composure and some energy they headed back out on stage for their encore and final 3 songs. Kicking it off with ‘After the Party’ which the tour is named after, then into a cover of Straight to Hell by The Clash. Finally finishing on ‘In Remission’ where the pyrotechnic streamers on the front of the stage went off and doused the crowd to finish a pin perfect set to kick off the bands U.K tour.


Swipe through the images below to see The Mezingers in action.

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Photography by Jake Haseldine, you can follow Jake on twitter here and view more of his professional work here

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