Five new alternative songs you have to listen to

Words by Shaun Mulhern

2018 is such an eagerly anticipated year for music with big comebacks, massive sold out tours and more top music from new artists. 2018 is already looking and sounding great from the alternative music scene and we’re only weeks into the New Year. Here are five of the hottest new alternative songs right now, which any fan of indie rock music should have in their playlist.

Jack White – Connected By Love

Jack’s back! Jack White is back with new solo music for the first time since his critically acclaimed album ‘Lazaretto’ was released in 2014. He’s back with a new experimental sound, which reflects his new single ‘Connected By Love’. Connected By Love sees a mixture of heavy synth, bluesy organ, stripped back piano and a gospel group . . . wow. Somehow though Jack makes it work and in the process makes it sound freakin awesome. Although it’s a new sound Jack hasn’t swayed too much away from his blues roots. Connected By Love is the lead single from his new album Boarding House Reach, which will be released on March 23.

The Voidz – Leave It In My Dreams

Any lover of the 00’s garage rock revival will be in absolute heaven this year as not only has Jack White returned – but, Julian Casablancas is back with The Voidz. Formerly known as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz the name has now been changed to simply The Voidz. The Voidz are back for the first time since the release of Tyranny in 2014 and they return with a hit new single Leave it my dreams, which is an awesome tune. It does resemble and sound more of a Strokes song then a Voidz song, but that is never a bad thing. The Voidz new album Virtue will be released on March 30 & Julian Casablancas told NME “It’s sounding more sleek and polished, but it’s still futuristic prison-jazz.”

Shame – One Rizla

One of the hottest new bands around right now are Shame – a five piece post punk band from South London. The Band have been gaining some real hype from many other bands and music publications due to their unique and fresh sound. From their debut album Songs of Praise it’s the single One Rizla. An amazing tune, which will be huge at many festivals this year. One Rizla is the song, which fans and critics will look back at in years to come and say this is where it all started.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – King Of Bones

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are back with their 8th studio album Wrong Creatures and with new songs like King Of Bones the trio from San Francisco are still a very much a relevant rock n’ roll band. The song brings that classic dirty garage rock sound which we associate with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club accompanied by that early 00’s period of the garage rock revival with bands like The White Stripes, The Hives and The Strokes. King Of Bones doesn’t sound tedious at all and shows no signs that the band could be entering that indie landfill stage.

Albert Hammond Jr – Muted Beatings

Any fans of The Strokes are going to absolutely froth at the mouth at just the sight of March knowing that Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr are both releasing new albums that month. Both have also released 2 great new singles and feature in this top five list. Muted Beatings is the new single by Albert Hammond Jr, which is taken from his new album Francis Trouble. Muted Beatings is a great catchy indie single, but then Albert Hammond Jr’s voice makes it irrevocably unique. The song also highlights how well Albert Hammond Jr has developed as a songwriter since finding success with The Strokes.

Article by Shaun Mulhern, you can follow Shaun on twitter here

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