Wax Colour to release brand new single ‘What on earth will the papers say

‘What on earth will the papers say’ is a brand new single from Wax Colour and is released on Friday the 13th of April. 

Charlton Paine, Mark Ellis and Josh Grove from Essex have achieved a substantial following on social media and while only young they are already shaping up to be one of the standout bands from the indie scene in the years to come. The presence and style of Peace combined with the messy guitar riffs that are reminiscent of The Libertines gives them a distinct but popular sound.

On this Friday the British band will release their exclusive new single ‘What on earth will the papers say’ as a follow-up to their successful debut EP titled ‘DIY.
Accompanied with the release of their brand new single What on earth will the papers say this Friday, the band will play a release gig on the same night in Chelmsford.

The lyrics struggle with recognising the monopoly that controls society within Britian while expressing the frustrations and dismissal of youth culture to the world of press barons and beyond. The message is almost a nod to the careless nature of adolescence in Britain and the resistance to attending to reiterated norms.

The sound very much embodies what we have come to expect from Wax Colour. Messy, experimental and careless. This however is perhaps what gives the single its most significant and defining qualities.

What on earth will the papers say is unforgiving in its production. The music scene is currently in a state of turbulence where traditional indie is perhaps no longer cool, no longer an exclusive club that everyone wants to be a part of. Wax Colour however make no compromises to compensate this. Instead, what they have produced is a sound that is traditionally British yet refreshingly experimental and solely reflects the band’s identity; whilst maintaining a core expression of themselves rather than anyone else.

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