‘Flawless pop hooks and bright synths’ – listen to LÉON’s debut album

Words by Jordan Scott.

Swedish singer-songwriter LÉON enjoyed incredible success with her early singles ‘Tired Of Talking’ and ‘Thinking About You’ in 2016, and now she’s released her highly anticipated debut album ‘LÉON’.

The massively talented singer has a natural flair for delivering flawless pop hooks and writing lyrics full of heartbreak and humour. Her work so far has received widespread acclaim with Vogue dubbing her “Sweden’s next big thing”, and with more than 250 million streams online – it’s hard to argue with. 

Produced by ELECTRIC, the album is laced with bright synths and retro pop beats that sound huge. ‘Lost Time’ opens the record and sets the tone for what’s to come with its enormous chorus, heavy drum beat and swirling backing vocals. The album’s sounds borrow from LÉON’s vintage influences whilst managing to keep things fresh, and the results are pretty special.

I knew exactly what I wanted,she explains. I hear certain instruments in my head and bring in those influences. In the past, one song was pop-electronic, while another was soul. This time, I really honed in on a sound by working alongside just a handful of people. Its something Ive had in my head forever, but didnt bring to life until now. This cycle is very colourful. Its different and bright. LÉON

The production on the record may sound amazing, but it’s LÉON’s voice that steals the show on every track. Her soulful vocals are delivered with power and shine on songs such as “You And I”, “Falling” and “Baby Don’t Talk” which are the records more energetic moments. ‘LÉON’ is perfectly balanced with upbeat pop tracks and ballads, the latter being where her lyricism thrives, particularly on the soothing piano track ‘Come Home To Me’.

A truly special moment is found on ‘Cruel To Care’, a voice memo recording of the singer accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, giving a glimpse of the her talent in its purest form.

LÉON has announced herself with a truly incredible debut album that shows she has so much more in her locker than many of her peers in the pop world, and we’re excited to see just how far she can take it.

LÉON’ is available in UK stores from April 5th, and you can find LÉON on Spotify below. 

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